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We offer one-on-one ONLINE tuition on courses from any Economics, Finance, Management or Statistics programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate levels to help you with the exam preparations. We also run Bootcamps throughout the academic year on selected courses.


Meet the Team

Revi Panidha

Founder & Head Tutor

from £199/hr + VAT

Revi is a passionate multi-award-winning teacher who has formerly taught at the LSE for 10 years. He has combined teaching/tutoring hours of well above 11 000. During 5 out his 10 years teaching at the LSE, he took over 250 hours of teaching per year making him one of the busiest teachers at the school (to put this in perspective he estimates the median teacher’s hours per academic year at LSE is probably not more than 80). 


Both departments and students have appreciated him. During his tenure at the LSE, he has received 2 teaching awards from the Economics department, 2 teaching awards from the Management department and 1 student-led teaching excellence award for Innovative Teaching. 


Also, he has officially taught students at leading British and international institutions including at University of Oxford, Sciences Po and Stanford University. He has taught a wide array of courses at both undergraduate and graduate-level including Finance, Marketing, Corporate Strategy, Microeconomics, Econometrics, Macroeconomics, Strategy etc. Finally, he has taken part in the selection process of incoming undergraduate students at both the University of Oxford (PPE, E&M, E&H) and the dual degree of Columbia and Sciences Po. 


Revi currently works full time at Axiom but still keeps part-time teaching positions at both the University of Oxford and Sciences Po.

Alexis Grigorieff

from £139/hr + VAT

Over the past five years, Alexis has been both a lecturer and a class teacher in economics and econometrics at two of the leading universities in the UK: the London School of Economics and the University of Oxford. 

He used to work as a stipendiary lecturer in economics at St Edmund Hall (University of Oxford), and as a teaching associate for the economics department at the London School of Economics. For the past couple of years, he has also been teaching a graduate course in econometrics at the history department of the University of Oxford. He completed his PhD in economics at the University of Oxford in 2018, in which he examined the links between social comparisons and ethical behaviour. His main research interests are in behavioural economics, econometrics, and development economics.  


As a tutor at LSE, he received several bonuses for outstanding teaching, and he received overwhelmingly positive feedback on his lectures in econometrics for the MSc in Economic and Social History at the University of Oxford.


Diogo Baptista


from £139/hr + VAT

Diogo is a Teaching Fellow at LSE and a Tutor at Axiom. He teaches courses in microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics at LSE and tutors students from universities around the UK in a wide range of quantitative economics courses both at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. His main fields of interest in economics include econometrics, monetary economics, and development economics.  Diogo completed his MSc in Economics at the LSE in 2015.

Endrit has a first in Law, a Master's of Science in Education Policy, and is currently completing his doctoral degree in Politics. He is a Clarendon Scholar and has benefited from various scholarships throughout his academic studies. 

Endrit has taught law and politics in Tirana, Oxford, Cambridge and Paris. In Oxford, Endrit teaches two core papers for PPE undergrads: Comparative Government (201) and International Relations (214), as well as Politics in Europe (206). In Paris, Endrit teaches Introduction to Politics at Sciences Po University. 

Additionally, he has consulted international organisations (e.g. Council of Europe, EU, UNICEF, UNW, UNFPA and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Foundation).  In 2018 professor Whitefield and Endrit designed the national index on Women's Electoral Participation, published by UN Women in collaboration with the University of Oxford. 

Endrit Shabani

from £119/hr + VAT

Alba Patozi


from £99/hr + VAT

Alba is a PhD Candidate at the University of Cambridge.

She holds an MPhil in Economic Research degree from the University of Cambridge and a BSc. in Economics from the London

School of Economics. Alba’s research focuses on financial stability and optimal macroprudential policies and her expertise lies in international economics. Alba is currently working as a Teaching Assistant at the London School of Economics, where she teaches a

variety of Econometrics and Macroeconomics courses. Alba is also a Visiting Lecturer in International Economics at the University of Coburg in Germany. She joined Axiom Tutoring in 2017.


Ledia Pelivani

Teaching Fellow
from £119/hr +VAT

Ledia completed her bachelor studies in Economics and Mathematics (cum laude) at the American University in Bulgaria. She also completed MSc in Economics (International Economics) at the University of Geneva. 

She teaches econometrics to undergraduate students at LSE. Over the summer, she has mentored graduate students who are writing their thesis at the London School of Economics.

She tutors a range of courses in mathematics and economics courses at an undergraduate level. She also supported the Entrepreneurship Programme of Junior Achievement Albania by mentoring high school students in economics and entrepreneurship.

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