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Find your perfect economics tutor for LSE students

We are a handful of multi-award-winning teachers who have taught at UK leading institutions, including LSE, UCL and the University of Oxford. 

We offer small group sessions of up to 5 students for all the below core modules, starting from £24/hr

First-year Modules: 

  • EC100 - Economics A

  • EC101 - Introductory Microeconomic

  • MA100 - Mathematical Methods

  • MA107- Quantitative Methods (Mathematics)

  • ST102 - Elementary Statistical Theory

  • ST107 - Quantitative Methods (Statistics)

  • EC201 - Microeconomics Principles I

  • EC202 - Microeconomics Principles II

  • EC210 - Macroeconomics Principles

  • EC220 - Introduction to Econometrics

  • EC221 - Principles of Econometrics

Second-year Modules:​

Looking for tailored individual help?

We offer premium 1-on-1 lessons for students who want a bespoke teaching experience on a wide range of LSE modules, including many optional third-year modules. 

Limited-time offer*:   fill out this form for more details and a risk-free first session! 
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Your best-in-class tutor

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Revi Panidha

Senior Teaching Fellow

Revi is a passionate multi-award-winning teacher who has over 11,000 of teaching/tutoring hours experience combined.

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