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Axiom Tutoring - Ethical Guidelines

Axiom Tutoring is founded on the principle of delivering highly-specialized economics tuition at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. We do so by taking an ethical and transparent approach to assisting our students. We understand and appreciate that we have many stakeholders, including institutions our tutors officially teach for, course leaders of the modules we tutor, parents and students. We conduct our tuition services in a manner that we feel all our stakeholders will deem ethical and valuable.   


Our primary goal is to help our students achieve their best educational performance by offering classes tailored to each individual student’s needs and learning techniques. Our tutors aim to achieve this goal by remaining flexible and respectful towards various learning styles and preferences. Ultimately, we desire the students to become independent learners. 


Our services do not consist of assisting students with their coursework or providing solutions to coursework set to them. To avoid any direct or indirect conflict of interest, our tutors do not offer tuition services to any students who they officially teach or for modules they are currently officially teaching. 


Academics and other higher-education professionals often refer students to Axiom tutoring when they believe that our services would be beneficial to the learning experience of these students. Axiom Tutoring has never offered compensation for these referrals, led by our fundamental principle in wishing to be recognized based on merit and reputation. We aim to continue to operate under such a strict ethical code and uphold a high professional standard for our tutors.

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