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Information for Open University Students

We are happy to announce that from this year onwards, Axiom Tutoring opens its gates to OU students, too. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

What modules do we help with?

We support a range of Open University modules at all levels (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3) covering Economics, Politics, Philosophy, History, and Mathematics.


For example, we are experienced in supporting students of:


What can we offer our students?
  • Intensive exam-preparation for modules with written exams. 

  • Preparation for end-of-module assessments (EMA) and regular coursework (TMA).

  • Workshops and comprehensive sessions in essay writing, diagrammatical analysis, literature research using the library site etc., specifically tailored to address OU requirements, needs, regulations, and format.

  • Special sessions on-demand, for one or more students, introducing key concepts, such as indifference curves (DD309), inflation (DD209) and game theory (DD313, DD309). 

We aim to break down the framework on which key concepts are based. We hope to provide a solid understanding of the cornerstones required for analysis and increase the rewards gained from the excellent OU materials by engaging students in rigorous questions.

We offer online group sessions or individual sessions starting from as little as £19/hr ( + VAT if applicable).  

Where do our lessons take place?

Online until decided otherwise. This way we hope to provide tuition for everybody, even in these challenging times. Don't hesitate to reach out to us even if you live outside of Europe, we will do everything we can to adjust the time of our tutorings to your time zone and personal timetable.

What happens if you feel that your tuition isn't going as well as it could?

We offer a premium service and we want you to be extremely happy with your tutor. After the first lesson, we check that both the tutor and the student are happy to continue and we continue monitoring the progress throughout the tuition. You may contact us anytime you feel your tutoring experience is not as desired/expected.  

For more information, see our Terms and Conditions for Students

Why Axiom tutoring?

Our team has a thorough understanding of the OU experience and culture. We are aware of its system, format, and regulations. We offer teachers who graduated from the OU with a high first-class and who learned how to schedule a study at the OU, organise it, and thrive. Moreover, some of the teachers you will be exposed to have taught and still teach at other leading UK institutions, including the London School of Economics, the Oxford University, and the University of Cambridge. 


“Studying with The Open University can be difficult for students who require a more auditory learning approach, such as myself. Sotiris has an extraordinary ability to transfer words read from a textbook to concepts and theories that I can understand thoroughly. Sotiris provides highly professional, engaging sessions which are tailored specifically to my needs. No question is a stupid question; he is always happy to take the time and explain thoroughly any concept that I do not fully understand - and patiently. I am absolutely delighted with the results I have obtained after working with Sotiris, but not only that, I am delighted with my enhanced knowledge and admiration for a subject I previously struggled a lot with.” - C., Italy

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