Join our Group Sessions

We offer small group sessions of up to 5 students for all the core economics modules, starting from £24/hr. We have available groups for both first and second-year university students.

We currently have Group Sessions scheduled for the listed modules at LSE and UCL.

UCL modules

  • ECON0002 Economics 

  • ECON0004 Applied Econometrics

  • ECON0005 Statistical Methods in Economics 

  • ECON0010 Mathematics for Economics

  • ECON0013 Microeconomics

  • ECON0016 Macroeconomic Theory and Policy 

  • ECON0019 Quantitative Economics and Econometrics

LSE modules

  • EC100 Economics A

  • EC101 Introductory Microeconomic

  • MA100 Mathematical Methods

  • MA107 Quantitative Methods (Mathematics)

  • ST102 Elementary Statistical Theory

  • ST107 Quantitative Methods (Statistics)

  • EC201 Microeconomics Principles I

  • EC202 Microeconomics Principles II

  • EC210 Macroeconomics Principles

  • EC220 Introduction to Econometrics

  • EC221 Principles of Econometrics

If you would be interested in joining our group sessions at a different university or different course, you may still apply by selecting the option "Other" in the form below. We will add you to a waiting list and if enough students show interest, a group for that course will be opened (it only takes a minimum of 3 students, so get 2 other people to sign-up and we will start running our sessions in no time).