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We know that Connected Learning is exhausting and that keeping up with online lectures every week can be challenging for everyone. To help UCL Students during these extraordinary times, Axiom Tutoring came up with 2 new ways to provide the additional help one may need to excel in the exams. Our Group Session and our 1 on 1 Oxford Style Tutoring is now available for every UCL Student! Take a look at how we can help...

We can help with

  • ECON0002 - Economics 

  • ECON0004 - Applied Econometrics

  • ECON0005 - Statistical Methods in Economics 

  • ECON0010 - Mathematics for Economics

1st-year Modules: 

  • ECON0016 Macroeconomic Theory and Policy 

  • ECON0013 Microeconomics

  • ECON0019 Quantitative Economics and Econometrics

2nd-year Modules:

Group Sessions

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1 on 1 Oxford Style Tutoring

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Axiom Tutoring aims to provide the highest level of tutoring by helping students achieve better grades through better understanding. We are passionate about teaching and determined to improve the high standards that we have set for ourselves. 

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Some of our tutors who can help with UCL Modules

Revi Panidha

Founder & Head Tutor

Revi is a passionate multi-award-winning teacher who has formerly taught at the LSE for 10 years. He has combined teaching/tutoring hours of well above 11 000. During 5 out his 10 years teaching at the LSE, he took over 250 hours of teaching per year making him one of the busiest teachers at the school (to put this in perspective he estimates the median teacher’s hours per academic year at LSE is probably not more than 80). 


Both departments and students have appreciated him. During his tenure at the LSE, he has received 2 teaching awards from the Economics department, 2 teaching awards from the Management department and 1 student-led teaching excellence award for Innovative Teaching. 


Also, he has officially taught students at leading British and international institutions including at University of Oxford, Sciences Po and Stanford University. He has taught a wide array of courses at both undergraduate and graduate-level including Finance, Marketing, Corporate Strategy, Microeconomics, Econometrics, Macroeconomics, Strategy etc. Finally, he has taken part in the selection process of incoming undergraduate students at both the University of Oxford (PPE, E&M, E&H) and the dual degree of Columbia and Sciences Po. 


Revi currently works full time at Axiom but still keeps part-time teaching positions at both the University of Oxford and Sciences Po.

Eni Iljazi


Eni is a full-time teaching fellow at Axiom while taking a part-time role as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at LSE’s Statistics Department where she teaches “Introduction to Statistical Theory” and “Quantitative Methods for Statistics”. She is also teaching Corporate Finance and Monetary Policy to Stanford University students as part of the Stanford in Oxford Study Abroad Programme. In the past year, Eni has taught Corporate Finance for the MSc Financial Economics programme at Oxford University as well as World Economy at UCL’s Department of Economics.


Eni completed her MSc in Economics at the LSE with an overall Merit and a Distinction in Econometrics. She completed her Honours BSc. in Economics and Business Economics at Utrecht University from which she graduated with a Cum Laude Distinction (top-ranking classification). During her undergraduate programme, she was selected to study abroad at the University of California Berkeley, where she studied Economics and Legal Studies.


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